Pythagorean Kabbalah
Pythagorean Kabbalah, taught by Greek mathematician and metaphysician Pythagoras, is a numerology system that analyses both name and date of birth and the interaction between the two. Kabbalah is also a mystical approach to the teachings of Judaism which has been communicated to a selective group of worthy highly developed people on a subtle level for centuries.
The numbers appearing in our birthday as well as our name stand for certain vibrations which form the essence of our being. These numbers are symbols representing our spiritual learning in this lifetime as well as the challenges and aims we have set for ourselves. In our readings we analyse the client’s birthday and name. Our aim is to inspire people, to re-connect them with their soul’s mission, and to give them new insights.
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Spiritual Glam Squad (SGS) Workshops
Every human has a Spiritual Glam Squad (SGS) with them all the time, consisting of angels, spirit guides, deceased loved ones and possibly also others like descended masters, fairies or unicorns. The members of our SGS communicate with us through our intuition, conscience and dreams.
Have you ever pondered on what to do about a certain situation and suddenly you know exactly what to do, who to call, where to go? Have you ever avoided a certain path because you had a bad feeling in your stomach? Maybe you even saw a deceased loved one or an angel in your dream who gave you a message?
All of the above, would be communication with the spirit world on a daily basis, without necessarily being aware of it.
At ALOHA WAVES we can teach you to recognise your SGS and to better tune in to their messages in order to make life happier for you and to help with any issues you might experience in your life right now.
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Empowerment for children
Your child will recognise and honour their natural capacity for wisdom, wonder, compassion and creativity.
My aim is to uplift and inspire children and young people from within, so that they recognise how wonderfully unique their personality and talents are and that they can achieve any dream they have.
Our  Aloha coaching technique is a wonderful way to teach children to express their feelings and viewpoints openly and freely, relax on a deep level, develop their awareness, thinking and problem-solving skills, strengthen their verbal skills, enhance their communication and listening skills, improve concentration and increase self-confidence. The benefits of this extend into all areas of life and learning: school, family life, friendships and free-time.
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Past-life regression
Heal destructive emotional and/or physical patterns in your life by tapping into your previous incarnations.
There is a great possibility that you have chosen to incarnate on Earth before. Some souls are here for the first time, but most of us have lived here before. To find out about your past lives, ask yourself these simple questions: What are your likes and dislikes? What are your fears and joys? What kind of music do you like? What kind of food do you like? Which time in history do you feel drawn to or do you resent? Which countries naturally interest you and which repel you for some inexplicable reason? The answers to those questions will give you clues about your past lives.
The more you understand where you’re coming from, as a soul, going back even further than this life, the more you are able to understand destructive patterns and transform them, and equally the more you are able to understand that this life is not everything.
We can help you to recognise and transforming past-life fears and negative patterns, which may help you to get rid of physical and emotional symptoms developed in this life and bring you freedom, happiness and healing.
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Nature energies
Use nature's healing powers to support and strengthen you with any existing issues in your life.
Nature is an all-loving and powerful healer. The fairies and nature spirits want us to enjoy life whilst respecting and loving the environment as well as each other.
If you need healing, comforting, nurturing, stress-release, strength, guidance or want to deal with emotional, psychological, spiritual or mental issues in your life, why not turn to nature for help?
In our work we use Triangle Nature Essences which contain the energy of trees and plants commonly found in Europe, as well as energised spring water and alcohol in order to ensure preservability.
The essences and symbols directly affect all levels of our energy field. They can bring to light emotional, mental, physical and/or spiritual issues and help us accept and heal them by activating our own self-healing abilities. Tree essences balance out strongly polarised issues and bring us back into our centre. Plant essences represent processes. They accompany us on our way to a desired goal. Mineral essences stand for certain basic principles and concepts and affect many areas. They often deal with profound issues of our personality.
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Forever You
FOREVER YOU is Mary's guide book to life, love and eternity, taking you on a reflective journey about life, love, infinity, spirituality, personal growth and faith. In the face of eternity we are forever young – forever learning, and forever evolving.
Empower your life by gaining insight, inspiration and gratitude for life, regardless of any challenges that may exist at present!
This practical and accessible book will teach you powerful techniques to reconnect with your inner core, develop and nurture a positive and loving relationship with yourself and others, see the bigger picture and tap into your clairvoyant abilities to heal your life.
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